Challenge Day 3

  • Lose 10 lbs – next weigh in will be Friday, so I’m going to leave this item off my daily updates until then.
  • Exercise – managed to do a brisk three mile walk in the morning before the rain started tipping down in earnest.
  • William – he spent all morning at karate and swords, and on his computer in the afternoon.  Pleeeeese let the weather improve soon.
  • 101 list – no progress.
  • Housework – did ma-hoo-sive pile of ironing.  Still can’t get all my holiday laundry finished due to rain.
  • Family meals – Ashley cooked a variety of tapas, including meatballs,  for our dinner tonight.  Will had some of the meatballs (“I don’t rate this sauce, Dad”) with a baked potato.
  • Computer declutter – deleted unwanted addresses from address book and started going through my email filing system and deleting what I didn’t need.  Found a whole load of Amazon voucher codes (rewards for doing online surveys), and added them into my Amazon account – I now have £59 worth of Amazon credit.  Narrowly stopped myself having a book buying frenzy!

7 thoughts on “Challenge Day 3

  1. Hi i have been reading your blog and love it, I am new and wondered how to add you to the blogs I love ???
    Hope you check out my blog too

  2. Hi Dawn – thanks for visiting, and so pleased you’re enjoying my blog. Would love to visit you, but you haven’t left your blog address – can you let me have it? Adding blogs to your blogroll is differerent depending on which blogging software you’re using. Once I’ve got your blog address, I’ll be able to help you with this. Caroline x

    • Thanks, Laura. Can’t see the avoidance lasting long – I’ve already been on Amazon today adding things to my wishlist (as if I don’t have enough books already!).

      BTW, how is your non clothes buying going? Have you succumbed yet?

  3. cool – would love to clock up some amazon vouchers (better than spending moolah eh?) which online surveys did you do? sounds a great idea. plus Hub loves books and usually I get a long list to go get for his xmas and birthday pressies….

    • Hiya – as a start, try Ipsos and Valued Opinions (both should come up on a google search). If you need any more info, let me know

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