Challenge Day 4

  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Exercise – none
  • Keep Will busy – dreadful weather again today, but did manage trip out to Combeinteignhead Country Fayre in the howling wind and pouring rain, which wasn’t much fun.
  • 101 list – nothing.
  • Housework – changed my bedding and did a wash, some of which I even managed to dry outside in between showers.
  • Family meals – Ashley & I had crunchy pork chops (recipe originally from Dinner Diary – it’s one of our faves now), and as I only had two chops, Will had sausages.  With homemade potato wedges (William’s request), and peas. 
  • Computer declutter – finished deleting unwanted emails, cleared desktop (who knew there was so much unwanted stuff there?!), sorted out all my favourites and bookmarks in Internet Explorer (that was  BIG job), and went through all the cashback sites I use for daily clicks, and claimed money owed (around £40 total).

4 thoughts on “Challenge Day 4

  1. I’ve been having a good computer declutter too recently, particularly of my 3 email inboxes which had stuff dating back to 2005. Also streamlined my google reader so should probably do my bookmarks soon.

    I also use Evernote to keep notes about things I’ve seen online, particularly good for xmas ideas!

  2. I was just curious about those Alli (sp?) pills you were testing? Are you still using them, and if so, how are you getting on? A close friend of mine is thinking about going on them but I’m worried about side effects of all of these things – she’s not very good at doing her research beforehand.

    (I’ve just caught up with your blog after being away for a few days – at first I read your posts and for a very brief moment thought you were challenging yourself to lose 10 pounds a day!!! Hahaha. Silly me…it’s still early :))

    • Hi Kat – I took them for three weeks, and they made absolutely no difference to my weight loss whatsoever. I did lose weight, but not more than I would have done anyway, as I was following a low fat & low calorie diet.

      I didn’t suffer from any of the side effects, although they do warn you that there can be some. I wouldn’t worry too much about your friend. When I bought mine, the pharmacist spent quite a while telling me about them. And this Nanny State we live in, I don’t imagine they’d dream of allowing us to buy anything remotely harmful (assuming it’s taken in the doses stated, of course). Let me know how your friend gets on if she tries them.

      Re 10 lbs a day – I’ll be lucky to lose 10 lbs a year at this rate!

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