Menu Planning (And A New Record!)

Over the weekend I defrosted the remains of a cooked rib of beef , and made two cottage pies for the freezer.  I also made a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup for the freezer.  I then discovered that both my freezers are so full that I could only fit one of the pies in, and no soup at all.

 I always keep the freezers fairly full because they run more cost-effectively, but this is getting silly!  So I need to do some serious freezer emptying – there must be enough in there for us to survive for ages, with only minimal shopping required.

 This week’s menu plan will be, therefore – “Whatever I Can Find in the Freezer”. 

 We’ll start tonight with the cottage pie that I couldn’t fit in (although that’s only big enough for two), so I think I’ll get a portion of veg chilli out of the freezer for Ashley, who prefers that to cottage pie.

On another note entirely, yesterday my blog had a record 128 hits in one day (I still can’t believe anybdy finds what I write interesting, and am very flattered).  Thank you to all who visit, and especially thank you to everybody who leaves a comment.  As I’m sure all you fellow bloggers out there know, it’s just lovely to get comments.


3 thoughts on “Menu Planning (And A New Record!)

  1. Hi my menu plans have gone out of the window and need to get back on track, I have not done a full shop this week just bits and pieces as I wanted to use up stuff from the freezer.
    128 hits in one day! brilliant
    Dawn x ( This is me)

  2. Don’t forget to blog what you end up having for meals this week, it could be quite exciting. My freezer is nearly empty at the moment as I want to defrost it again and then move it. If I tried to eat out of it this week, I think we’d be living on fishfingers, bread and some soup that has lost its label and may even turn out to be liquidised gooseberries(don’t ask!)

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