River Dart Country Park & Challenge Day 7

Today we braved the weather and had a day out with my ex sister-in-law, Sarah, and William’s cousins, Henry & Gabriella, at the River Dart Country Park.  We were really lucky, and despite a not very promising start, we didn’t get rained on at all, and had a really lovely time.  It was very quiet there (I guess the weather had put most people off, so the kids had the time of their lives.  So cheap to get in, too – there’s loads to do for a whole day, and it only cost £3 for William and £6 for me.

Ashley is away working for a couple of days, so Will and I had the house to ourselves last night.    The Wii Ea Active that I mentioned in yesterday’s post arrived,  so we set that up, and I had a go on it with Will giving encouragement from the sofa – he was shrieking with laughter at my attempts at the in-line skating activity. 

Challenge Day 7

  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Exercise – walking round the park all day, and Wii Ea Active
  • 101 – completed number 75 – take Will to River Dart Country Park
  • Family meals – we ate in front of the TV as it was just the two of us – still eating freezer stuff – spag bol for Will and spag and meatballs for me.
  • Keep Will occupied – day out.
  • Fruit – bloody well forgot, and only had one portion (grapes).  Don’t now have enough time before I go away to complete this, so will recommence on my return.  Bugger.
  • Housework – cleaned loos and basins.
  • Computer declutter – did a bit more work on photographs.

2 thoughts on “River Dart Country Park & Challenge Day 7

  1. So glad you got a good day at last. The kids look like they had a blast. LOL at the in line skating, kids are so encouraging aren’t they!

  2. Lovely photos, they were having loads of fun weren’t they. Sounds like a lovely place to visit. I enjoyed your list. I should be making one of those out for myself.

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