Challenge Day 8 & 9

I didn’t post yesterday about my challenge – totally forgot!  Had a bit of a strange day, chasing around after my (lovely but totally hopeless in a lurching from life-crisis-to-life-crisis sort of way) friend, Becky, whose son is William’s best friend.  We had a arranged to get together with the kids, but I couldn’t get hold of her to make final arrangements, because her phone was unobtainable (it had been stolen).    I won’t bore you with the rest of the ins and outs, but the whole afternoon turned into a bit of a saga.  The kids did manage to get an hour or so to play in the end, though, so that was good.

Anyway, challenge – will lump the days together – easier:

  • Lose 10 lbs – lose three quarters of a pound – better than nothing, I suppose but must try harder.
  • Exercise – none, unless you include scrubbing the kitchen floor very vigorously.
  • Keep Will occupied – he went to a dragon making workshop at the library (cost – 50p!) on Thurs, which was brilliant – very good value for money, and he enjoyed it.  The library always put on good events for kids in the school holidays.  Friday we (eventually – see above) caught up with his friend Alex and went to an indoor soft play place (ok, it was a pub with an indoor soft play place, but by that stage of proceedings, I definitely needed a glass of wine).
  • 101 List – no, don’t think I’ve managed to do anything.
  • Housework – finished kitchen, looks so much better, am very pleased.
  • Family meals – Will and I had a delicious sausage and cabbage bake on Thurs, but he had leftover cottage pie last night and I ate later with Ashley, as he wasn’t home from Sussex till late.
  • Computer declutter – have finally finished photos, am now on the home straight. 

One thought on “Challenge Day 8 & 9

  1. inspired by your computer declutter I filed all the ‘blogs I like’ book marks into categories. crafts, PF, simple frugal green life, and life and style

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