Rainy Monday Morning

No Sunday Car Booty post yesterday morning – I’m afraid I spent almost all day in bed with a terrible hangover.  We had a night out on Saturday with friends who are BIG drinkers, and boy, did I feel rough all day yesterday. Why do I never learn?

 Anyway, now seems as good an opportunity as any to commence number  83 on my 101 list, which is ‘don’t drink any alcohol for fourteen days – twice’.  So yesterday was Day 1.  The only social thing I have in the diary for the next couple of weeks is going out for a curry on Friday with Nick & Amanda (my brother sis-in-law).  And William’s going to come too, as I’ve been promising to take him for an Indian for a while now.

 Do you like the new pots we bought at the weekend?  We happened to go to the garden centre to buy some cheese on Saturday morning (as you do!), and there was a huge selection of interesting pots for sale with 50% off.  We have two each of the tall blue ones and the bottle shaped black ones, all destined for Findon Manor (which I’ve mentioned before, Ashley has been running since his Dad died in January), which we’re slowly dragging kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  Shame really, as I could get used to them in my garden! 

 Nothing to report on my challenge, so I shan’t bother putting the list in today.

 Am off to Bournemouth for the night later on today, to drop William at my parents’ house – he’s going to stay with them for a few days.


4 thoughts on “Rainy Monday Morning

  1. Really like the one inside the house. I would love that kind of thing in my house but the dogs would probably knock it over and that would be the end of it.

    • Hi Kerri – it’s actually really heavy, so not easy to knock over. Which is good, because if it wasn’t my cats would probably trash it!

  2. I’m curious about all your car bootying, do you keep a record of how much you’ve made in total? I’d love to know if it’s making you plenty money after ebay fees and what not.

    • Hi Holly – I don’t keep a record, but yes, it does make me a very good profit overall. Sometimes I make the odd duff purchase, but very rarely now – the longer I do it, the more I get to know what will sell and what won’t. And I never pay more than a pound or two for something if I’m not 90% certain it will sell.

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