Well, Who’d Have Thought?


Last night I cooked Butternut Squash Tacos with Spicy Black Beans, a recipe which was mentioned in Graceful Creative’s  menu plan a couple of weeks ago.

Ashley saw the recipe sitting on my desk in the morning, and made some sarky comment about ‘not fancying that – sounds horrible’ (no meat, you see).  I ignored him and cooked it anyway.  He had two helpings, cleared his plate, and pronounced it ‘excellent’.    I thought it was lovely, as well.

Just goes to show that even a commited carnivore such as my husband can enjoy a vegetarian meal every now and then.  I am going to cook more vegetarian food – we eat too much meat in this house.  I shall aim for one veggie meal a week to start with.


2 thoughts on “Well, Who’d Have Thought?

  1. This looks delicious and am going to try it out. I’ve been putting more and more vegetarian meals on our table these days. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Ooh, lovely. I was looking for a new recipe to add to my repertoire (we’re all vegetarians here) so will definitely give this a try next week.

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