Mad Science & Charity Shop Bargains

William went to a Mad Science Workshop for the day today (he absolutely loved it and asked to go again tomorrow – high praise indeed from a discerning nine year old).  This is a link to their website – they are all over England and Ireland (yet to reach Scotland and Wales), and well worth considering for a day or two if you’ve a bored child during the school hols. 

More importantly, however, this gave me an opportunity (after I’d dropped him off this morning) to go and have a good rummage in a couple of charity shops, and I picked up a few bits and bobs.

2 more videos for Will – 20p each
A lovely green jumper for me (winter will soon be with us) £3
A pair of striped linen trousers £3, also for me, but I think I’ll need to lose a bit of weight first (I have a whole section of my wardrobe for this category of clothing … !)

A fab Next shirt for William, £1
And last but not least, 8 balls of gorgeous baby blue mohair wool for £4, which I am going to knit something with. I’ve recently started knitting again, and am enjoying it, but am very s-l-o-w at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Mad Science & Charity Shop Bargains

    • Well, I’ve only just started, and am beginning with a very basic cushion cover. I’m planning a post about my knitting sometime soon, and have lofty ambitions to make something that doesn’t actually consist of a square!

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