Decluttering My Bookcase


I cleared out my bookcase yesterday.

For somebody who reads as much as I do, I’m not a great hoarder of books. I used to keep all my books, and when I was younger, I re-read books I’d enjoyed often. No more – I think probably due to the realisation that there are more books in the world that I want to read than I’ll ever have time to get through in one lifetime, so to re-read feels like a wasted opportunity to me these days.

Anyway, I only have the one bookcase now, as shown in the photo above, although I do admit to two large plastic boxes with more ‘keeper’ books in the loft (one’s Ashley’s, in my defence!).

Despite getting rid of about half a dozen books to the charity shop bag, and listing another half dozen on Read It Swap It (see my recent guest post over at The Book It List), I still have three and a half shelves of books that I’ve yet to read (a good year and half’s worth at the rate I’m reading currently). Looks like I need to stop going to the library for a while!


5 thoughts on “Decluttering My Bookcase

  1. Eeek, well we’re about to clutter you up again, I’m afraid. Your giveaway book will be with you next week!

    Like Kerri would be interested to hear what your keeper books are?

    Kat from the Book It List

  2. I don’t keep anything fiction wise these days at all. Books that I do keep tend to be cookery books, and some books from my childhood (the Chalet School series by Elinor M Brent Dyer being a favourite). Other than that: a dictionary, a world atlas, a London A to Z and a couple of gardening books. Boring, aren’t I ?!

  3. Wow – seriously neat and tidy! Well done. My bookcase are in a terrible mess at the moment. I love the Chalet School books too! They always make me want to eat a lot of cake though…

  4. I keep thinking of clearing out the bookshelves. But could not be so ruthless! I have a shed load of art books that am keeping. I also keep the books I really really liked. I think its a sort of show off thing. As in – hey world see what books I liked. Hub hoards and re reads, and this could be an issue as he reads about 80 books a year! I have stopped reading since I had wee man bubba.

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