It’s The Weekend ….

… and it’s not raining.  In fact, the sun’s shining.  I can’t imagine it will last (call me cynical).

After a busy week, it’s nice to have no plans at all for the weekend.  William has karate followed by Iaido this morning and Ashley’s going to drop him off on the way to work, before joining him later at the dojo for Iaido.  So, I haven’t even got to do any ferrying around this morning – hooray.

Today is the last day of my 14 days without alcohol challenge, and I’m SO looking forward to a drink tomorrow!  I’ve really missed having a drink on a Friday and Saturday, but as I don’t really drink very often during the week,  that’s been quite easy.  I’m looking forward to it being over, though!

Mo asked about my 34 Day Challenge, which I stopped posting updates for a while ago – I get bored very easily! I tend to think that if I’m bored writing about something, people reading it must be equally bored with it, so I stop!  You’ll be pleased to hear I haven’t been ignoring my challenge, though – and some bits have been going better than others – here’s an update:

Lose 10 lbs – totally totally bloody hopeless, haven’t even bothered weighing myself for last two weeks – head in sand syndrome.

Exercise – not great, although have done some walking and some cycling.  I think it was too ambitious expecting myself to do this during the school holidays.  Holly recently sent me a link to some advice on exercise for people who hate it, and it was really quite useful and thought-provoking.  I will be putting some of it into practice (hopefully) when the summer holidays are over.

Keep Will occupied – if I say so myself, this has gone brilliantly.  We’ve done lots and lots of different things, most of which I’ve blogged about already so won’t go into detail.  We are now on the home straight, as he has karate summer school all next week, then the following week, we’re off to Spain on the Wednesday, and when we get back there’s only one day until school starts.  I think I will get to the end of this 10 week marathon holiday being able to genuinely say that I’ve enjoyed it.

101 List – I’ve made some progress, although perhaps not as much as I had hoped (again, perhaps too ambitious to try and do too much during the school holidays).  I’m currently overhauling my 101 list, and will post about it again soon.

Housework – yay, another success.  Have really kept on top of this, this summer.  Last summer it was a disaster, and I’ve managed to avoid that by concentrating on one room at a time, so the house isn’t looking too bad at all.

Family meals – another success.  We’ve all sat down together almost every evening, and I’ve cooked things that we can all eat together. 

So – a mixed bag of results, really.  Graceful Creative and Mo have both be extolling the virtues of concentrating on one major project/activity/habit at a time, and I think there’s a lot to be said for this.  Perhaps this is the way forward, rather than trying to do lots of things at once.


2 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend ….

  1. aha – great to hear your progress. And even though I have been trying to focus – there is also something said to having a long list, as – well – see the string of successes you have there. As you say, perhaps it was too ambitious to tackle some of those *harder* issues when you acutally had a BIG priority – ie Will. And as such, you have done BRILLIANTLY. big massice pat on the back to you.

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