Sunday Car Booty

Woke up to a bee-yoo-ti-ful cloudless blue sky (and boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say THAT!) at 6.30 am. The boot sale was at the race course today, and it was HUGE – in fact, I didn’t even get round it all. I’m not feeling great – have had an on/off headache for a couple of days, and have an upset tummy this morning. I also look very pale and washed out, do hope I’m not sickening for something. Anyway, here’s today’s rundown:

Big bag of stickle bricks – 50p – these always sell well

Bargain of the day – gorgeous Molton Brown boxed set of hand lotion and hand wash – £2.50. I’ve just checked, and this set retails for £28, and one recently sold on Ebay for £18 (without the box). I shall be making a nice profit on this, I think!
Laura Ashley top, 50p to sell
Merrell kids shoes – £1 to sell
Hugo Boss body lotion, 50p to sell


Next body set – £1 – possible Xmas pressie
Gucci After Shave – brand new £4 – total bargain, as this is Ashley’s fave after shave at the moment. Bought from a lovely young couple who are emigrating to Australia – I felt very envious of them (I have a hankering to emigrate to Aus, but it will never happen – couldn’t leave my family, and we’re too damn old now – Aus wouldn’t want us!).
Dr Lewinn’s eye cream – 50p to sell – don’t know much about this brand, but it seems to go well on eBay – I’ve just checked.
Decleor cleanser – £1 to sell

French Connection dress, which is actually a pale lemon yellow, for some reason the photo’s taken the colour out of it, £1.50 to sell.
Today’s shoes – brand new kids Clarks £1.50, River Island brown heels 50p, Voodoo Dolls wedges £1.
I also bought an EXTREMELY muddy pair of Adidas football boots for 50p, actually in great nick under all the mud, for William – he’s grown out of his old ones.

A successful morning’s bootying!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Wonderful finds – as always – especially the Molton Brown boxed set. I love Molton Brown and do sometimes come across it at the car boot sales. However, I nearly always sell it on again as it fetches such good prices on ebay.

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too well. I had a really bad sick headache most of last week and still feel a bit ‘fragile’. Perhaps there’s something going about.

    • Feeling a bit better now, thanks, Angie. I think we’re too old – and we don’t have any of the requisite skills job-wise that are needed. Not that I’ve ever looked seriously – it’s just like a way-off dream!

  2. I got some nice girls adidas trainers. have been looking for shoes for wee man on ebay – and they do sell for a reasonable rate. I bought the trainers for 50p. Am hoping to make a profit!

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