Frugality & Bargains

A downside of sending your child to private school is the ridiculous amount they expect you to spend on school uniform (William’s cricket outfit, which he wore about four times last term, cost me £50).  They do have a school shop which sells second hand stuff, which is great, and a lot cheaper than buying new, but sometimes saving some money just calls for a bit of creative thinking.


This is a picture of the white polo shirt (two required) used for games.  It has a little school logo on it, as you can see.  These cost £15 each from the school shop.  When William grew out of the first two I bought for him when he joined the school, I cut the logos off them, went to Tesco and bought a two pack of plain white ones for less than a fiver, and sewed the logos back on to the new ones.  I’ve continued doing this every time he’s grown out of the shirts.  The other mothers laugh at me (not in a nasty way, I hasten to add), but that doesn’t deter me.  Why would I spend £30 when, with 10 minutes’ work, I can spend £5 on the same thing? 


And here is a picture of some bargains I picked up while I was in Boots today.  I went in to pick up some Charles Worthington hair gel (have used same brand for ages, and really like it) and was less than impressed to see that it’s been repackaged, and gone up from £3.79 to £4.55. 

I got over that somewhat, however, when I found all these lovely Sanctuary Spa goodies, all for between £1 and £2 (the body butter is nearly £9 usually!).  Even the little foot spa kit was only £2.45.


5 thoughts on “Frugality & Bargains

  1. Mouse’s new uniform for the academy is really expensive too. Unfortunately her logos are embroidered so I can’t take advantage of your very clever tips. What a smart cookie you are.

  2. What a great idea sewing the logos onto new shirts. I remember when I went to senior school how ridiculously expensive the uniform was and how my parents struggled to get it all together for me – and that was a state school. I never did get to have a blazer!

    I always check out the reduced section of our local Boots when I’m passing as I’ve had some excellent bargains there over the years.

  3. How can they justify the uniforms costing that much?I think it is a great idea to buy cheaper items and re use the logos, kids grow so fast you can hardly keep up!
    I love your Boots bargains, I use the body butter and will be going into Boots on Friday so I hope I can grab some bargains too. I try to get all my Christmas gifts got and wrapped for the end of November and take advantage of the bargains and the 3 for 2 or the BOGOF’s to keep in my gift cupboard.
    Dawn x

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