Thumbs Up to Annabel Karmel


I blogged a while ago that I wanted the three of us to sit down more regularly to meals when we all eat the same thing, and I needed inspiration to find things that we’d all enjoy. Well, that very same day, the opportunity came along to road-test Annabel Karmel’s Complete Family Meal Planner, and since it arrived, it’s been worth its weight in gold. There are some really brilliant ideas, and I’ve already tried three different recipes on the family. The favourite so far was chicken satay skewers, which everybody loved, and of course these chocolate brownies (photo below) went down very well, too. William’s been having them in his lunch box every day this week.


In summary, lots of inspiration for family cooking. No more will I see Ms Karmel as solely for mummies of babies and toddlers!


8 thoughts on “Thumbs Up to Annabel Karmel

  1. Those brownies look yum are they easy to make? I got hugh Fernely Whitingstalls Family cookbook and enjoyed the recipes in there and a friend gave me kids kitchen a recipe book for yougsters and I love to use that too, you know what the say…never judge a book by it’s cover.

    Dawn x

    • Hi Dawn – they’re very easy to make, yes – even for a novice baker like myself! I won’t tempt you out of your healthy eating regime by posting the recipe though!

  2. i love the recipes in this book. There’s loads of ideas. i love cooking but really got stuck in a rut until i bought this book. i’ve since bought the top 100 puree recipes and my 7 month old loves them 🙂 thanks so much for the books they’re really inspiring!! i’ll be adding to the collection very soon 🙂

  3. Brownies look fab, I used Annabel’s books when the kids were little, didn’t know she had a family one. Will have to check if my library has it.

  4. Just wanted to say we tried the tacos recipe you posted recently and thought they were delicious. I think I could definitely make one or two of those brownies disappear!

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Liz. We’re eating the leftover spicy beans with rice tonight (just thought I should add, they haven’t been in the fridge all that time since I made the tacos – I froze them!!)

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