Holiday Reading


Little Face by Sophie Hannah

 The blurb on the back of this book sounded promising: Woman arrives home after being away for two hours to find that her new baby has been replaced by another that she doesn’t recognise.  It’s billed as a taut psychological thriller, and although it was quite readable, I thought the end was a bit of a cop out, so overall not a brilliant book for me.

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

 Oh, I just love this author – she always comes up with the goods!  If I’m being picky, this story of a death row prisoner’s desire to donate his heart to the sister of his victim, who needs a transplant, starts very well and ends very well, but does go off a little bit in the middle.  However, the overall quality made me overlook this, and like all good moral dilemmas, I was still thinking about this book days later.  It covers such topics as the death penalty, organ donation, forgiveness, grief and religion.  Phew – quite a ride!

 The Secret Life of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd

 This is my book club read this month, and has recently been made into a movie.  It’s set in South Carolina in the 60s, and centres on Lily, a white girl who believes she accidentally killed her mother when she was four, and Rosaleen, her only friend, a black servant.  It’s quirky and unusual, and is by turn humorous and poignant.  I must rent the DVD now!

 A Good Day to Die – Simon Kernick

Another thriller by this author who never takes his foot off the accelerator – I felt exhausted when I got to the end.  Eminently readable, if a little bit convoluted.  A bit gruesome, too, but I do love a good thriller.


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