Saturday Car Booty

Oooh, I couldn’t wait any longer for my car boot fix, so I had to go a day early to another boot sale a little further away from home.  We’re going out to a barbecue this evening, and it might be a late one, so I may very well not feel much like going booting tomorrow morning.  So I went today instead! 

Photo album, 50p, for me
4 x Eternal Beau Serviette/Napkin rings, £1, to sell (haven’t seen these before so think they’ll go quite well)

New rucksack for Will – £2 – brand new – he desperatately needed a new one as his old Simpsons one was literally splitting at the seams on the way home from Spain

3 gorgeous Monsoon skirts to sell – now I paid £11 for the three which is more than I’d usually pay, but they are all beautiful, and I’m positive I’ll make a profit on these.

A fab jacket for Will from Gap Kids – £1
Pretty Per Una top – 50p to sell

8 balls of Pure Gold Aran wool – £1.50 for the lot, to sell

Don’t think I’d rush back to this particular boot sale, as there were L-O-A-D-S of traders, more than proper car boot sellers, and it was around a 10 mile drive away, so I think I’ll stick to my tried and trusted Sunday booties in future.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Car Booty

  1. Nice finds … I went this morning but had grandchildren with me so couldn’t concentrate although did spot some Laura Ashley fabric under a pile of old clothes. Another fix tomorrow minus children I feel 😉

  2. The monsoon skirts are lovely. Well worth paying a little extra for. Wool is so expensive these days, I’m sure the wool will sell very well and make a tidy profit.
    No booties for me as the fields were flooded ;-(

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