Wii EA Active, Savlon & Carex

Today’s post is a round up of some products I’ve been sent to review recently.


First up, I’ve mentioned it before, is the Wii Ea Active.  I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down for this one.  It sounded promising – 30 day personalised fitness plan – but for me, didn’t live up to this.  There was far too much standing around between exercises, while the annoying American voice chuntered at me, and when I was actually doing the exercises, the machine often didn’t recognise that I was moving, and would then freeze up..  All VERY frustrating.  I have kept going with it, and I feel that I’ve given it a good try, but it’s not for me I’m afraid.  On the plus side, I loved the boxing exercises – great graphics and felt like I was getting a good workout.  Overall, nowhere near as good (or as varied) as Wii Fit.

(To be fair, I’ve just looked at the reviews for this product on Amazon, and it does seem as if I’m in the minority – most people loved it.  However, those people who did experience problems seemed to have similar comments to mine, so perhaps some copies have a bug in?)


Secondly, the nice people at Carex sent me a big box of their products to try.  I really liked them all, but the olive leaf extract soap was the favourite.  Will certainly be buying these whenever I see them on offer in Tesco in the future.


And lastly, Savlon Advanced Healing Gel.  A first aid box essential for any mum with a nine year old boy – so far this term, he’s been back at school for five days and has come home with a pulled leg muscle, two bruises on his arm, a grazed knee and yesterday a big black lump on his lip!  Although I’ve not had a chance to use it on William at home yet, I did use a little myself the other day on a burn from the oven, and it certainly seemed to ‘do what it says on the packet’.  Thumbs up!

 And here endeth today’s commercial break!


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