Friday Round-Up

Last week I promised a post each Friday on my progress with my September challenge to get more healthy. 

 Having weighed myself this morning, I’ve lost just over three pounds in weight since last Friday, and am relatively pleased about this.  I’ve definitely improved my eating, and am eating lots more fruit and veg, and drinking lots of water (which I do anyway so that’s not really an improvement, to be strict).  I’ve cut out the majority of junky rubbish that I’ve got into the habit of eating over the summer, and only drank alcohol on Saturday night (other than a small glass of Cava with my friend Becs last night).

 Exercise-wise, I have done some but could have done more.  I’ve managed at least to do something (even if only a very little) five days out of seven, so that’s good, I guess. 

 I need to concentrate on portion control a bit more, and also really think about whether or not I’m hungry – many times this week I’ve found myself heading for the kitchen through habit rather than hunger, and IT NEEDS TO STOP! 

 On a totally different subject, although it’s been an exceedingly busy week, I did find time for a quick whizz around a couple of charity shops on Wednesday.  I picked up a hardback of the fifth Harry Potter book for William for only £2 (goodness, what a hefty tome), as he’s midway through the fourth one at the moment, and really enjoying them.  I love to see him enjoying reading so much, and do everything I can to encourage it. 


Also picked up this rather nice Eastex top for myself for £2.90 – even if I don’t like it on, it has lots of lovely unusual square buttons which I’m sure I’ll find a use for! 

 And I got a cream French Connection men’s shirt for £1 – it was priced at £2.50 but had a nasty mark on the back, so I asked if they’d take £1 – they said yes, and the mark has come off, so I shall be selling this on Ebay very soon.  I made a rather nice profit with a French Connection shirt that I picked up at a car boot a while ago, so hopefully this one will do the same.


4 thoughts on “Friday Round-Up

  1. What kind of exercise are you doing? 🙂 I keep thinking about going out for a run but I’ve suddenly switched to nesting mode and am loving staying in with cups of tea – it’s not even cold yet!

    • Hi Kat – various exercise DVDs (hate every moment) and walking (hate every moment slightly less). Actually I just hate exercise full stop. Oooh, I’m Mrs Negative this morning, aren’t I?!

  2. That’s great you have knocked those pounds off. Have you tried apple cider vinegar?
    Could you please try & leave a comment on my blog (people having trouble!!! Don’t know why. Have you found wordpress to be MUCH better than blogger?

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