Weekend At Moonfleet

A fab time was had by all at Moonfleet Manor this weekend. The weather was really kind to us, which made it even better. Arrived home around 2.00 pm, and have been unpacking and tidying, and thinking about the week ahead. I really want to try and get back into healthy eating mode and I really want to WANT to exercise. My sister-in-law, Amanda, was looking super-slim and lovely this weekend (she works very hard for it, I have to say, and is very dedicated with her exercise and healthy eating) which made me feel even more fat and frumpy than I was feeling before I went away! You see, here’s the difference between me and Amanda – I came home from Moonfleet and had a toasted cheese sandwich and read my emails.  Amanda got home from Moonfleet and went to the gym.

I gave up on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo this weekend. It’s this month’s read for my book club, and I struggled for over a week with it up to page 150, but the characters were so one-dimensional, and the plot too detailed and boring, and I decided yesterday afternoon that I couldn’t face another 400+ pages of more of the same. I didn’t even care whodunnit!

The coming week is looking very busy for me. I am going to plan my week out later on today, so I can fit everything in, and know what’s happening when. I always feel far more in control when I’m organised.  Ashley is being more co-operative with my work, and has made himself available tomorrow and Thursday, and my friend Becs is going to have William for me on Wednesday after school, so at least my childcare is sorted.


5 thoughts on “Weekend At Moonfleet

  1. Oh I’ve always wanted to go to Moonfleet, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Ahhhh gyms, I know what you mean. I think some people are made for gyms and some of us wish we were 😉 Glad you had a good time x

    • Thanks, Liz. Definitely worth a visit if you get the chance – the scenery in the surrounding area is just fantastic – and it’s fabulous for kids, too. x

  2. Caroline – I must confess I didn’t make it to the gym when we got back from Moonfleet – too much washing/sorting/cooking to do!!!

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