Ashley went to Swindon this week for a meeting with the MD of a rather large and prestigious network that Ashley’s business has been invited to join. The meeting went well, and he came back very positive about the whole thing.

I was a little surprisedto receive an email from Ashley yesterday morning, forwarding an email sent to him by the MD chap saying, and I quote, “I’ve had a look at your wife’s amazing site and I was bowled over by the amount of detailed content and the professional look and feel to it”.

Apparently, Ashley and he had been discussing ways of utilising social networking in the business world, and during that discussion, Ashley told him about my blog, and about getting free products, books etc in return for reviews, and the amount of hits I get etc etc.

Well, I was very flattered by his comments, obviously (although I think WordPress should probably get the credit for the professional look and feel!). But I think Ashley might be a bit taken aback if he knew that this chap had probably read this post!  Hope Ashley doesn’t get uninvited from the network!


4 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. am anonymous me! Although hub did read one post and it did cause a bit of a stir. I try an keep it well away from him though as he doesnt understand what a VENTING is……

  2. The strange thing is – Ashley doesn’t even read my blog – just has no interest at all in what I’ve got to say (oooh, spooky – just like real life!!!)

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