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Today’s post is all about books.

Too Close to Home by Linwood Barclay
I read Linwood Barclay’s first book last year (it was the winner of the Richard & Judy Summer Read), and really enjoyed it.  This, his second novel, was very readable, a real page turning thriller, though not quite as good as the first, in my humble opinion.  I really like his character development – very often in a thriller it’s all about the plot, but in both this and ‘No Time For Goodbye’, the characters are well written and very believable.  Recommended.

How to Be An Amazing Mum (When You Just Don’t Have The Time) by Tanith Carey

This book was sent to me for review, the tag line is ‘The Ultimate Handbook for Hassled Mothers’, and at first glance it seemed very promising.  The cover was eye-catching, the blurb on the back positive, and the layout of the pages really accessible – large print, lots of bullet points, easy to dip in and out of.

Unfortunately, for me the content didn’t live up to the hype.  Normally when I read this sort of book, I do so with a bunch of bookmarks, and mark pages that I wish to go back to, tips that I want to re-read and look into further, etc.  It is telling that I have completed this book without a single page being marked.    There was nothing new or ground-breaking for me here.  I think it may have been aimed at a slightly different demographic of “working mothers” than the one I come from: Tanith, you lost me somewhere in between recommending I pay somebody else to do my ironing for me, and instead of taking the kids to see Father Christmas at a local store, pay him to come to see them at home.

Not for me, I’m afraid.  Sorry (feel bad giving it this review when I’ve been sent it for nothing, but if I can’t be honest on my own blog ….)

Anyway …

This month’s book club choice was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.  Gave it up at page 150, wasn’t for me, very slow, and I just wasn’t engaging with either the plot or the people.  I’m looking forward to hearing what the other book club members thought of it.

I’ve just started Penny Vincenzi’s latest novel, The Best of Times, which I’m enjoying so far.  Soon be time to get my holiday reading pile sorted out – oooh, lovely!


5 thoughts on “Book Talk

  1. Maybe you could also have added for balance in this review that there is a huge part of a chapter on how mums can do their ironing more quickly themselves – and also have included the if you share the Father Christmas among a group of mums then it would be no more expensive than a trip into a town centre with parking etc.
    The book is essentially a credit crunch book – designed to help mums get by without more child care.
    I appreciate you say you feel you want to be “honest” on your blog, but also some balance would have made a fairer review.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my review and comment, and I’m genuinely sorry I didn’t feel I could be more positive about your book.

  2. Thank you. Just so sorry, Caroline, that you you chose to focus on two small suggestions in a book of 55,000 words that aims to help busy, overstretched mothers. But I am very impressed that you are the first reviewer of maybe 30 or 40 who doesn’t feel that any one of the hundreds of tips in the book is helpful. But anyway, I salute you for being so utterly on top of it – unlike so many of us other mums – and all the very best of luck with your blog.

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