No Sunday Car Booty

Yes, that’s right, no Sunday Car Booty today – I didn’t feel like getting up early this morning, and really enjoyed having a nice lazy lie-in. Also, I have so much stock at the moment, I really didn’t need any more, particularly as I picked up another car load of toys this week to sell.

Only a few days until we go on holiday now, and I have so much to do before we go. I’m going to make some plans and lists for the week today, so I don’t forget anything that needs to be done, and figure out how I’m going to fit it all in!

We’re going out to meet friends for drinks at lunchtime today, in Combeinteignhead, the village where we used to live, and I’m going to make a beef in ale casserole in the slow cooker this morning, so looking forward to eating that later on.

I’ve been watching the first series of Gavin & Stacey, which arrived from Lovefilm this week, and have really enjoyed it – it’s very funny. These days I’d far rather watch things on DVD or recorded from the TV – I cannot stand the time wasted with adverts – there are so many of them these days. I really struggled with watching X Factor last night – HOW many ad breaks?

I’ve also hugely enjoyed watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey over the last few weeks. And the final episode this week was just brilliant, SOOOOO funny.  (It’s not supposed to be funny, I don’t think, but these women are so over the top they are almost caricatures of themselves – superb!).


11 thoughts on “No Sunday Car Booty

  1. Glad you enjoyed your lie in 🙂 Gavin and Stacey is so funny, I really must join Love Film there are loads of series I need to catch up with.

    • I’ve only been a member for a while, on their light use package, which is only a fiver a month – well worthwhile.

  2. Have never ordered a whole serties from Lovefilm before, do they only send one disc at a time? or how does it work? I’m on the one disc at a time tarriff, are you the same?

    • Yes, it comes one disc at a time. I’m on a light user package which is about three discs a month, which is enough for me to be honest – don’t get too much time to sit down and watch them!!

    • Sky is such a rip off, isn’t it? I only keep it because William loves the kids channels. We have gone over to freeview down here now, and I have a freeview recorder which does the same as Sky Plus. Don’t know how I managed without it!

    • Don’t worry, I guessed not everybody is like that!!! They make me laugh so much, though – one woman took three huge suitcases of clothes away with her for a one night trip in the last episode I watched. And she then spent nearly her whole trip deciding what to wear! Too funny!

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