Well,here we are with only a couple of days left of our holiday, and as I’ve been rather lazy at blog updates, I thought it was about time I did one.

We’ve had a lovely time, as ever – big thanks to my lovely mum and dad who treat us to a fab holiday every year. We’ve had loads of laughs, plentiful food and drink, fantastic weather, and met some really nice people as well. The kids have made lots of friends, and enjoyed going to the kids club.

William, Amanda and I went on a catamaran cruise last week, which was brilliant – pic of Will (looking very cool!) above. We stopped off a little island called Green Island, and swam off the back of the boat, in crystal clear sea. William went off snorkelling and saw all manner of sealife.

Mostly, our days are spent lazing by the pool (thank goodness Nick gets up so early to go to the gym, and reserves our sunbeds – it’s a bit of a bunfight out there!), with an occasional trip to the beach. I’ve been doing lots of reading, too – more on that when I get home. Right, that’s all for now. I’m off to the poolside to upload this (no wifi in the bedroom) and enjoy the sunshine. Not looking forward to the cold weather when I get home!

PS sorry about sideways pic, can’t rotate it for some reason on this bloody laptop!


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