Shopping Spot Friday

The first post of a new regular feature, all about what I’ve been buying recently.

So – some recently lovely purchases:


I saw this lovely Bombay Duck Kids vanity case in a recently sale on  (one of my favourite new finds online), and I just couldn’t resist buying it as a Christmas pressie for my nine year old niece, Gabriella.  I’m going to fill it with lots of girly bits and bobs from Accessorize.


Also from is this selection of Stila make-up.  I’ve never used any of this brand before, but have read about it in lots of magazines, and I just couldn’t resist trying some at these bargainous prices (£2.99 for a moisturiser, anybody?).  And the packaging is just lovely.  Am loving the plumping lip glaze (not too strong a colour, and lasts for ages), not too sure about the glittery green eye liner (think I must have been having a momentary aberration about my age when I chose this!).  My master plan is to sell one of the moisturisers and the foundation on Ebay, which SHOULD cover the cost of the items I’m going to keep.   Mwaaaa hahaha!


And last but not least, I felt the need for something warm and cosy when I got home from warmer climes last weekend.  I don’t really ‘do’ coats very well, so this longline cosy cardy just fitted the bill perfectly when I spied it in Matalan.  It’s as warm as toast, lovely and soft (that’ll be the 10% mohair), and for some reason, Matalan had £5 off all knitwear this week, so I bought it for only £20.  Can’t be bad!

Back next Friday with more – hey, what a fab excuse to shop!


3 thoughts on “Shopping Spot Friday

  1. Oooh, good feature! After a flurry of splurging I’m cutting down my spending for a while so can shop vicariously through you!

    Haven’t tried Stila makeup before – is it usually that cheap or is it just when you buy from that website? (she says, after talking about her supposed spending cuts in the para above!)


    • Hi Kat – it’s normally much more expensive, I think. Brand Alley has short term mega sales on all sorts of different brands, and it just happened to be that brand that week.

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