Ha, beware of what you write, because it may just turn around and bite you on the bum! 

I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to test out this week’s ‘Add’ (see below) so soon, but this morning I stumbled out of bed, switched on the PC, and it was dead. D.E.A.D.  Told me it had a Trojan Horse, then died.  The bastard.

I’m sure you all know how hideous it is when you computer is out of action, and I’m lucky enough to have Ashley’s laptop today, so it could be an awful lot worse, but OMG, it’s not looking good: Tim, my computer repairman has been round and tried to fix it, but after lots of tutting, sighing and dark muttering, he has taken it away with him, and has warned me it may very well be a ‘return to factory settings’ job.

Ohgodohgodohgod.  All my docs and photos are on a separate personal media drive which Tim thinks will not be infected (thank heavens), but all my downloads will be gone, my itunes will be gone, my email address book and mailing lists, loads of work stuff, my internet favourites, my bookmarks – the list goes on.  I feel sick (but obviously less sick than I would do if I wasn’t being serene and unworried this week – ha.)

Still, it could be worse ….. I think …….


8 thoughts on “Bugger

  1. Can I recommend Evernote for bookmarks and favourites. I use it to add recipes, gift ideas, articles for future reference etc and since it’s web based it can be accessed whenever you log in. Very handy once you get used to it.

    Also, there are ways (although don’t ask me how!) to copy everything from your iPod back onto iTunes. Maybe try a Google search to see what you can do.

    Hope you manage to get most of your stuff back! My laptop is also being a bastard lately!

    • Thanks, Holly – useful advice. Funnily enough, I had Evernote bookmarked to have a look at when I had a spare ten mins, so I guess I’d better get round to it. Tim thinks he may be able to save my itunes, which would be great. Where have you been lately? No blog update for ages – everyone in blogland misses you!

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