Gratitude Needed

Am feeling very out of sorts today, so about time to focus on what I’m grateful for, I think.

  •  That I was able get a doctor’s appointment this afternoon for William, whose ear has begun hurting him again.
  • That my dad is making a very good recovery from his bypass and is now back at home.
  • That I’ve just managed to unblock a major printer jam, without having to resort to taking the printer to pieces / calling in the experts.
  •  That I’m off out for lunch with my friend Annette today.
  • That athough I’m having some problems with non payers and unreasonable buyers, my pre-Christmas eBay sales are going really well overall.
  • That my new bedroom carpet is finally being fitted tomorrow.
  • That the weekend is coming up.
  • That Lovefilm are sending me the first disk of the second series of Gossip Girl, which should be here today or tomorrow.
  •  That Ashley is deciding what to have for dinner and cooking it today.
  • That I’m not doing at all badly with my Christmas shopping. 

Funny how just writing that down has made me feel much better.  Counting your blessings may be an old-fashioned adage, but it’s still very relevant and worthwhile.

 I’ll be back later with Friday Shopping Spot.


7 thoughts on “Gratitude Needed

  1. good for you. sounds like some good stuff is going on. am rather interested in the love film thingy. how much is is? do you make the most of it? we are thinking of getting rid of the Tv and just doing it by DVD player / iplayer instead

  2. I’m with you on focusing on the positive!
    I am just visiting all my new friends taking part in our Secret Santa Swap to say hello and thank you! What a great lot of blogs i am finding! my reading list is growing!

    • Hiya Kelly – thanks for visiting. Am very much enjoying getting my parcel ready for the swap – it’s the first one I’ve joined in, but I think it might be something that gets quite addictive!

  3. Poor William – it’s such a painful illness, and it can make you feel so helpless as a Mum. Good for you on the list, I’m frequently doing that, and it does help.

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