Saturday Shopping Spot

OK, so it’s late, but hey … Saturday, Friday … what does it matter?!

The weather here has been absolutely atrocious with gale force winds, driving rain and general unpleasantness.  I imagine the car boot sale will be cancelled tomorrow morning, which will mean about six weeks since I last went to one – I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!  All this bad weather has made my thoughts tunr towards booking holidays for next summer ….

Anyway, talking of holidays (oooh, good segue Caroline!) this week I’m going to show you a couple of things I treated myself to on the plane when we flew to Antigua: 


This is a rather lovely eye shadow compact by Bobbi Brown, with some lovely shimmery colours which I used while I was away on holiday.  I bought it to replace a Boots No 7 one that I’d had for ages, and dropped on the bathroom floor while packing to go on hols: unfortunately it smashed to smithereens, and took bloody ages to clean up – I’ve still got glittery bits all over the bathroom!  I’m doubly pleased with this new compact, as I will actually use all the colours in it – so often when you buy something like this, there are one or two favourites, and the others will never get used.


Next up, I did rather treat myself to this fab pair of Jo Malone perfumes – Grapefruit, and Lime, Basil & Mandarin.  You only need a tiny squirt, though, as the aroma is so intense, so they’ll last for ages.  I love-love-love the box they came in, too – made to look like a carrier bag – how cute is that!


And lastly for this week, my gorgeous new satiny pyjamas from Matalan (only £10), which have caused Ashley to start calling me Spotty.  I love these so much – I wonder if I could get away with wearing them when our friends come over for dinner this evening …?!



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