I May Be Some Time ….

I was going to write a ‘Things I’ve Done This Week’ post today, but I can’t be bothered, because I’m too busy playing with MY NEW IPHONE!!!!!!

How did I live without this marvellous thing for so long?  It’s a-MA-zing.  I love-love-love it.  It’s SOOOOOOO clever!  Can you tell I’m excited?

Seriously, though, I think it’s going to be brilliant in helping me with something I’ve been struggling with a bit lately, and have mentioned before: delineating clearly between work and home.  I’ve been chained to the computer in the office at home from morning till night recently, and I think this clever thing is going to help me be less chained.   For example, I won’t have to physically be in the office to access my Google Reader and catch up on everybody’s blogs.  And I can check if I have any eBay questions I need to answer without coming up to the office and getting caught up in lots of other stuff that catches my eye because I’m here. 

I believe there’s even a WordPress app, so I could blog from it, but I think the keyboard would drive me round the twist!

Anyway, guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?!


5 thoughts on “I May Be Some Time ….

  1. Oh great new phone!! I have a blackberry through work which I can access my blog emails and google reader too, makes such a difference being able to keep up with things on my commute and away from the laptop.

    Victoria xx

  2. there was a point when my technology was a point (as they say in france) but – now I limp along on stuff that is waaay old. new stuff seems far too whizzy and scary! toooooo clever! one day I may catch up.

  3. Everyone I know who has one simply loves it but I’m on Orange so got an iPhone rival for my upgrade…three months before the iPhone became available. Gah!!!

    Now that you’re permanently connected you should join Twitter and keep constantly up to date with me and APOW!

    • How annoying is that, Holly – three months out?!! Can’t get up the enthuiasm for Twitter, havnig tried it twice it just didn’t do anything for me, I’m afraid. Sorry! You have been noticeably absent from your blog lately, Holl – what’s happened?

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