Sunday Car Booty

The weather is viiiiiiiile: woken up in the night by huge cracks of thunder followed by hail storm.  Didn’t make me feel much like leaping out of bed this morning, but leap I did, and I’m glad I did, because I got some good bits and bobs.

Rather nice pink Dunhill shirt, brand new, for Ashley, £1 (‘hmmmm, it’s very pink’ was his only comment.  He actually looks great in pink.  Get into the 21st century, man, and stop dragging your knuckles on the ground, for God’s sake).

Baby Whisperer book, 75p, to sell

Observer’s Book of Aircraft from 1969, £1.  Thought it might sell, but not sure. 

Soap & Glory giftset, £1 – to sell.  Should make a nice profit, particularly at this time of year.

Gorgeous baby leather booties in pretty box with Star Child logo, how cute are they?  50p, to sell

Brown leather ladies Clarks boots, £1.50 to sell, fab condition.

Brand new patent leather girl’s short, £1 to sell

Almost new Adidas kids trainers, £1.50 to sell

A rather nice printed silky top from Evans for me, – £2.

Bargainous high-end make up and skincare.  From 30p for the little Clinique moisturiser, to £1 for the bigger compacts (Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden, difficult to see in the photos), I think I will make a tidy profit on selling all these rather nice bits and bobs in time for Christmas.  Better get listing!

So, plans for the rest of Sunday ….

William is going over to his friend’s house this morning, and I’d half hoped to go for a nice walk this afternoon, but the weather isn’t looking too promising.  The bloody cats ate the pork I was defrosting for tonight’s dinner, last night (even took it out of the bag, which they’d apparently ripped open with their teeth, little buggers), so I’m guessing that a trip to the supermarket might be in order today at some point.  Other than that, some eBay listing, some reading, and some Gossip Girl on DVD, I think.  Oh, and some iPhone fiddling, of course ….


8 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

    • Have had a few super-profit sales, but have mostly been selling toys for a company who had a load of brand new toys they wanted to get rid of, so that’s kept me busy lately.

  1. Ha, the comment about your husband’s unwillingness to wear a pink shirt really reminded me of my partner – he fears wearing pink too (‘but surely only girls wear pink!’) – even though he looks really good in it too. He has now got two pink shirts (one actually bought by himself), so some progress has been made.

    Great finds at the boot sale – you lucky devil. It’s only been five weeks since my last boot sale outing but I’m already desperately missing them, and there are months and months to go before they start up round here again.

    • He’s now decided he doesn’t want the pink shirt! I’m not too upset, thought, as I’ve just looked at what Dunhill shirts are selling for on eBay, and I think it will be a rather profitable little item!! Every cloud and all that!

    • What’s worse, Kat, is that I decided to cook the rest of the pork and give it to them (oddly, we didn’t fancy half chewed pork for dinner!), and the buggers didn’t eat it. Grrrr!

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