The Train Now Waiting At Platform 3 ….

… is the express service to Procrastination Central.  Calling at: Fiddling With My Iphone, Make Another Cup of Tea, Avoid The Ironing, and Facebook.

Yup, that’s been my week so far.  

I heard on Monday that one of the school governors I’ve worked closely with for the last four years had died on Sunday (cancer).  She was a real example through her long illness, very brave and a real character.  The last time I saw her (less than two weeks ago at a committee meeting), she made me laugh out loud with her dry wit, which will be how I remember her.  So sad.  Candle for you, Stella, to light your way.

And I have been giving far too much headspace to the thing with my ex sister in law which I mentioned earlier this week.  It’ s been troubling me.  Mostly because I feel guilty about William’s relationship with his cousins.  I am happy to discontinue contact with Sarah – it had been getting less and less, anyway.  But I feel bad for William.  However, Ashley and his brother could make the effort to get the kids together (which they never have done.  Ever.)  Or indeed my mother-in-law could do so.  Why do I feel the need to take responsibility for this?  I don’t really know, but it seems to be nagging away in my head.

So, here’s the thing: I need to GET STUFF DONE (copyright Mo!).  I am going to list ten things here that I want to get done today, and I’m going to do them.

  1. List six things on Ebay.
  2. Make Nigella Breakfast Bar recipe (Will wants to help, so will have to be after I pick him up from school).
  3. Go through two boxes of clothes which have been sitting on the landing since Dickens was a boy.
  4. Wrap up ten more Christmas presents.
  5. Hoover and dust my bedroom, and tidy large pile of clothes, too.
  6. Tesco Wine order (v v v important, this one – must get it done TODAY!)
  7. Filing (pile is possibly going to be vying for a place in The World’s Top Ten Highest Mountains if I do not tackle it.
  8. Do a load of washing and get it dry.
  9. Make a start on a project that I can’t tell you about because it’s for somebody who reads this blog: I bought something yesterday which is going to be an awful lot of work but will be absolutely fabulous when complete.  Couldn’t resist it.
  10. Clean and polish kitchen worktops.

Wish me luck.


7 thoughts on “The Train Now Waiting At Platform 3 ….

  1. thanks for visiting my blog!

    good luck with your list – i seriously need to make one of them too…hmmm in a little while… after i’ve caught up with my blog reading list!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. She sounds like she was a brave lady.

    Your project sounds very exciting – promise to let us know what it is (one day!).


  3. you go girl. GET STUFF DONE

    the best thing I have discovered lately is to set a timer and race around like a loony for 10 minutes or maybe 15 or so. it is really effective.

  4. The only way I can ever get things done is by putting myself under pressure – silly, I know, and probably not very healthy – but otherwise I can procrastinate for ever and a day…..

    Oh yes, and I’ve now (just about) weaned myself off Facebook – although I do look once a week – for 30 mins max – I figure that people wil get in touch with me directly if anything is urgent!!!

    • Hi there – thanks so much for visiting my blog. Facebook is a terrible time waster, isn’t it? I try to keep my visits there as short as poss, but sometimes it just doesn’t work!

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