Ebay Sales

So today (especially for you, apow!), I thought I would do a post on a few of the things I’ve sold lately on Ebay.

  •  Isabella Rossellini perfume giftset, which I bought for 50p back in May this year, for £13.50.
  • Bronnley Lily of the Valley soap giftset, paid £1 in June, sold for £4.95
  • A Jo Malone carrier bag which had been knocking around in my understair cupboard for the best part of a year sold for £2.39 (go figure!)
  • Boots No 7 Lipgloss set, picked up in August for £1, sold for £8.25.
  • 2 Pringle golf jumpers, bought for £2.25 each waaaay back in Feb, one for £8.50, and the other not so good, only £4.  However, I was just delighted to get these sold, as I’d listed them for sale back when I bought them and got no interested at all.  Christmas is definitely the best time of year to sell some things!
  • Molton Brown Giftset, for which I paid £2.50 in August turned out, as per my prediction, to be a winner, with a sale price of £22.32!  Woo hoo!
  • Bag of stickle bricks, bought on the same day as the Molton Brown set, for 50p, sold for £5.50 earlier this week.
  • Boots No 7 skincare giftset, paid £2 in June, sold for £9.

And just so you know I don’t always get it right, these two Monsoon tops that I bought back in June for £1.25 each, have totally failed to sell and are about to make their way to the charity shop (no chance of me ever getting into a size 10 top from Monsoon, I can tell ya!).

Oh, and one more:

I could go on, but I’m very bored of linking and have lots to do today, so I’ll leave it here, I think.

I was really pleased with yesterday’s progress, nearly completed the list that I posted (below).  Only managed to wrap 4 presents before running out of paper, but am waiting for more paper to arrive (everything except kids’ presents being wrapped in brown paper this year – how very green – or brown even!).  And didn’t manage to make start on secret project, but hopefully today for that.

Have Ashley’s mum coming for dinner tonight and am attempting Nigella’s crispy Chinese duck for the first time.  Have put Ashley on pancake making duty.  Will let you know how it turns out.

Have a great Thursday, everybody – not long till the weekend now!


5 thoughts on “Ebay Sales

  1. Nice results on ebay, Caroline. It does seem that this time of year really is the best for selling stuff on. Although having said that I did do rather nicely with selling vintage Christmas decorations in September / early October – odd, but very profitable!

  2. oh am still such a learner! have some things hanging around doing nothing! but was rather pleased with my bugaboo cositoes which I doubled my money on. I think you really do have to be proper seasonally aware on ebay. have lots of lovely things that no one is looking at. but a chunky knit scarf and a chunky knit cardigan are garnering a lot of watchers!

  3. I have SO many things hanging around the house that I would like to try on Ebay. I need to just list a few and see how it goes. I just can’t seem to make myself take the plunge. I really enjoy reading your posts about what works.

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