November Goals Revisited

Eh?  Where did November go? Oh my goodness, less than four weeks until Christmas!

First frost of the year this morning, and the temp was minus 2 on the way to school – chilly. William went off to school with his hat, scarf and gloves on – I love seeing him wear this particular hat and scarf – my grandmother knitted them for me to wear to school when I was about his age, and it always reminds me of her when he puts them on.

Anyway, time (oh dear) for a round up on of how I got on with my November goals:

1. Finish buying/making all Xmas presents by end Nov – well, this one was a success – I’ve done all but a few very little bits now.

2. Exercise (walk twice a week) – I have to admit to not having done ANY exercise, and not even been for one proper walk for the whole of November.  It was, in my defence, one of the wettest months on record according to BBC Breakfast yesterday morning.

3.  Declutter Will’s bedroom – I’ve made a start on this, but haven’t done as much as I’d planned.  Unfortunately, he’s not very good at letting go of stuff he doesn’t use, so we’re in a bit of a stand-off situation.  More work is needed on this before the Christmas influx of presents.

4. Overhaul 101 list – still not done.  Still needs doing.  Will get to this.

5. Finish current knitting project – haven’t picked it up since arriving home from hol.

6. Try five new recipes and blog about them.  Well, I’ve tried five, and they were all fairly successful.  Only got round to blogging about two though.

In summary, not my best effort ever.  However, I totally underestimated how much time eBay would take up this month – busiest month of the year, and I had a LOT of stock to get rid of.  I’ve made a good profit, so it’s been worth the (very) hard work.  This week will be my last listing week before Christmas, so I hope to have a bit more time to catch up on other things very soon.


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