Friday Shopping Spot

What a lot of lovely things I’ve got to show you this week!

First of all, I picked up some cards for William to send to his school friends while I was doing the weekly shop in Tesco (I usually buy all my cards in the January sales, but for some reason I hadn’t got any for Will to send, hence buying them now).  Anyway, they were only £1.97 for 30, AND they’re charity ones, and they’re really cute, so here’s a little pic:

Still on the subject of cards, I couldn’t resist these gorgeous handmade cards at Bekimarie’s Blog Shop.  They arrived in this afternoon’s post, just in the nick of time for me to take a pic for this week’s Shopping Spot – aren’t they lovely?

On Tuesday morning, I suddenly realised that 1st December had arrived, and I hadn’t bought William an advent calendar (although I had downloaded one for my iPhone for me – BAD mother!).  Anyway, I have a huge hatred of those chocolate-filled so-called advent calendars, HATE HATE HATE them, so I was relieved when I got to WH Smith to find that they still had some ‘proper’ advent calendars left with Christmassy scenes on them (rather than Bart Simpson or some other spurious TV character wearing a Santa Hat – I mean, PLEASE!).    Here is the one I chose (which William was very pleased with). 

I recently did some mystery shopping for some friends who own a big home furnishings store (I did mystery shopping in quite a big way for several years after William was born).  Anyway, they pay me in vouchers for the store, and as they always have fabulous Christmas decorations, I popped in to have a look around and chose a couple of things:

Two of these gorgeous wire angels, which stand about 18 inches high. They are currently at either end of my dining room table, but may well end up either side of the fireplace.

And I just couldn’t resist this reindeer.  It’s years since I bought any new Christmas decs, so I really enjoyed picking these out – and even better when you don’t have to pay with ‘real’ money!


4 thoughts on “Friday Shopping Spot

  1. Yummy stuff! And I’m totally with you on the advent calendar front… although I did get a Dairy Milk one from the milkman this year. When Claire was little I used to get one of each: a “proper”, i.e. religious one, and a chocolate one (usually Barbie for my sins) too.

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