Ice & Fiery Tempers

Eurgh!  Not a good start to the morning: woken at 5.15 am by the freezer alarm beeping intermittently.  Went downstairs to investigate, with sinking heart as freezer motor has been making strange noise for a couple of weeks, so half expected it to break soon.  Sure enough, it was defrosting fast, as well as beeping, and the motor was chugging away sounding as though it might explode at any moment.   So I spent several minutes poking and prodding various buttons, to no avail, before digging through a drawer to find the instruction manual. 

Returned upstairs, armed with instruction manual, to switch on PC and Google ‘broken freezer’ or similar.   Started reading manual, while PC booted up, whereupon Husband appears, bleary-eyed at door of office. 

Husband: What’s that noise?

Me: The freezer alarm, it’s defrosting, but the motor is still running.  I’m just trying to find out what’s wrong with it.

Husband: Well, you’ve probably overfilled it, haven’t you?  And now it’s broken.  It was making a terrible noise last night before I came to bed. 

Me (bristling somewhat, particularly as it’s him who always overfills the freezer): So, did you check it last night when it was making this terrible noise?

Him: No, I was tired.  And I’m tired now, I’m back off to bed.   You ought to turn the freezer off, you’ll damage the motor if you leave it on while it’s making that noise. 

Me: How about you go and f***ing turn it off??????!!!!!! 

Fortuitously for his continued good health, he went downstairs and turned it off.  And then went back to bed.  While I read the manual and Googled.  All to no avail.

Decided to defrost freezer completely to see if that helped.  Discovered that much as I HATE defrosting the freezer, defrosting it at 6.00 am while the rest of the household slumbers blissfully is infinitely worse.  Particularly as I discovered during the process of defrosting it, that it has a coolant leak (hissing noise and gassy smell gave it away – I’m no refrigeration engineer!)  Bugger.

Luckily I have another freezer, which wasn’t too full, so I’ve managed to save the majority of the contents.  And the cats’ll be happy, as I’ve had to defrost lots of odd bits of cooked meat, which will end up on their plates during the course of the next few days.  The freezer was due for a good sort out anyway, I just didn’t expect to be doing it before any self-respecting individual is even awake in the morning.

And the whole episode hasn’t done much for harmonious marital relations in this household, either: the freezer may not be frosty, but the atmosphere over the breakfast table this morning certainly was.   A good thing I’m off out to the theatre this evening to see Evita – just hope I can stay awake long enough to see the end!


4 thoughts on “Ice & Fiery Tempers

  1. oops. have to say there is something not good going on with our freezer too. Door not shutting properly lots of over frosting. am trying to gradually eat the contents and give it a defrost after that. it probably should have some sort of alarm on it as it IS quite alarming! but we are still alive so far!

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