Thoughts for Thursday

Nearly at the end of another week, and this has been quite a productive one for me.  Which is good news, as school breaks up tomorrow – only seems like five minutes since half term!

On Monday I took Ashley’s Mum to Dart’s Farm Village, which is always a lovely place to visit pre-Christmas.  Bought a few bits and pieces, and wandered around the lovely Christmas displays, which sent me into a frenzy of wanting stuff!

Tuesday was spent at home, catching up on housework, and doing lots and lots of tidying and decluttering.  Have filled two bags and big box for the charity shop, and have plenty more still to go (when I’ve finished wrangling with William over what’s to stay and what’s to go!).  Tuesday night, I went to the theatre with my friend Faye, to see Evita, which we both enjoyed, having wanted to see it for ages, but I have to say it’s not a musical that I’d rush back and see again.  

Yesterday was mainly spent doing more decluttering and housework, and also writing a report for Ashley, who wants to start up social networking for his business (a project with my name all over it, apparently – can’t imagine why!!)  So if anybody has any experience with social networking for business, or any useful advice to offer, please do let me know.

In connection with the above, I’ve also reactivated my Twitter account, and have been enjoying finding my way around that – if anybody else is on Twitter, let me know your user name so I can follow you.

This afternoon is the school Christmas Fair, and I’m helping out on the cake stall – mmmmmm!  

Have almost finished doing the Christmas decs, so will post a few pics when they’re complete.    Cards all written, just a few to hand deliver, presents all wrapped bar one enormous one, and my last eBay sales end tonight.  I won’t say it too loudly, but I think I’m almost ready for Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday

  1. Hope you raised lots of money at the school fayre.
    I love decluttering and seeing those full carrier bags leaving the house. Wish I could stop buying new stuff from the charity shops though!
    Congrats on being so sorted Christmas wise.
    Lisa x

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