Sorry ….

…. I forgot to mention that I was going away for the weekend, hence the long silence around here!

We’ve been to Exeter for the weekend with friends, had a fabulous time, finished off some last bits of Christmas shopping, and went out for some lovely meals, and plenty of wine of course!  Arrived home around lunchtime today, after picking William up from his karate grading (go William, he passed his exam, and now has his brown & white belt – only one more belt before black!).

Have been catching up with emails and watching some Gossip Girl this afternoon.  Will broke up from school on Friday, so no more early alarms until 6th January – how lovely!

I’ve got lots of lovely photos to show you this week – my Christmas decs are all nearly up now, I’ve been doing a bit of internet shopping and got some bargains, and my Secret Santa blog swap parcel arrived all the way from the USA, which was super-exciting. 

But for now, I’m off for a cosy night in with my family and a plate of spag bol, and very probably the X Factor final (not that I want either of them to win, I was rooting for Jamie Archer and Danyl, both of whom had more X Factor in their little fingers than either of the two finalists, in my humble opinion!)

See you tomorrow x


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