OK, Where’s The Day Gone?

Nearly half past three already – how did that happen?  The day has just disappeared, and I haven’t thought about finishing off the Christmas decs, so guess what?  Today’s post isn’t going to be about those! 

The trouble is, I had a lazy start to the day – no school run to get up for, so a lie-in was taken.  Didn’t have breakfast until 10, as I was sorting out a courier delivery to Ireland for an eBay item that somebody’s just paid for, and then checking my emails, Facebook & Twitter.  Then I had to take William to Ashley’s mother’s house, came back and attacked (and finished) Mount Ironing, planned our meals for the week and wrote a shopping list, made the beds, made some phone calls, then it was time to go and pick William up, dropped Ashley’s mother into town, did a Tesco shop, came home, put shopping away, Will and I had lunch, and ….. here I am!

It’s already getting dark outside, and is quite chilly today.  I’m going to finish this post, and then make a start on the finishing off bits of decorating that I still need to do, so tomorrow’s post can be about my Christmas decs.

So, as I didn’t get round to doing a shopping post last week, I thought I’d show you a couple of things I’ve bought – firstly, this lovely Christmassy Monsoon skirt, which I got from Ebay.  I’d hoped it wear it on Saturday night when we went out, but it didn’t arrive in time, so it will get its first airing this Thursday, when we’re going out on the first of Ashley’s two works Christmas ‘do’s’.

It was a total bargain, as it’s brand new and still has the £85 tag attached to it.  I paid £9.99 plus postage.

And here is my second and final pic for today, of my lovely boy wearing his rather trendy new clothes.  His ‘bovver’ boots, which I showed you a few weeks ago, along with new skinny black jeans with skull and cross bones belt from Primark (£8), and a gorgeous soft fleecy top from Gap (£15).  He thinks he’s the bees knees (so do I, but don’t tell him I said so!)


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