After a rather indolent (but enjoyable) few days, finally I woke up this morning with some motivation – hooray!

So I’ve had a rather productive morning:  a trip to the library to pick up a couple of books I’d ordered, a Tesco shop, washing, ironing, shoe polishing, hoovering and general tidying.  I’m finally grinding to a halt, but the house is looking far more shipshape than it has done for a while.

I took lots of photos of my Christmas decorations, and planned to put them into a blog post, but they’ve come out dreadfully, can’t seem to get any decent ones at all, so I’ve given up on that idea!

We had the first of two Christmas parties for Ashley’s work on Thursday – a meal out at the local pub, followed by cocktails at our house.  I woke up feeling VERY delicate yesterday, and hence the day was a bit of a write-off – I didn’t feel better until around 4 pm!

My car has been in for a service and MOT this week, and needed two new tyres.  It appears they’ve changed the wrong tyres (twice – don’t ask!), and I’ve just had a blazing row with them on the telephone.  SO inefficient.  And the bill came to £1,500, so it wasn’t cheap.  Bunch of idiots.   Grrrr!!

Have been thinking about the year gone past (so quickly – where does the time go?), and the year to come.  Further thoughts to come in due course, as well as a review of my year’s reading, similar to the one I did  last year.

It was minus 4 degrees when I was out this morning, and at the moment, the thought of tomorrow morning’s car boot sale is very unappealing.  I’ll see how I feel later, but I may very well not set foot outside the door first thing tomorrow morning.


4 thoughts on “Motivation!

  1. A boot sale?! In this weather?! You must be a very determined lady!!! It’s freezing here too, so we took the bus to the town centre and back again, which is very naughty of us because it’s all of 15 minutes walk, but frozen underfoot and a bitter wind blowing in your face is kind of offputting.

  2. Gosh, you have been busy. We’ve still to put up the Christmas decorations but at least a tree was purchased today. There’s been quite heavy snowfall again tonight – took the Husband 4 attempts to get the car on the drive!

    • Hi Liz – tried to leave a comment on your blog the other day, but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. So glad you’re out of hospital and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery xxx

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