Instead of Sunday Car Booty

As I didn’t go out to the boot sale yesterday morning, I thought I’d show you a few bits I picked up from one of the charity shops while I was in town last week.

A brand new, if rather creased and very yellow, Ben Sherman shirt, for only 50p to sell

A really pretty pink linen Pomodoro top, 50p again, to sell come the summer

A men’s vintage silk & wool scarf from Harrods, no less, £1.50 – hoping this will make me a nice profit in the New Year.

It’s still freezing cold down here, but no sign of any snow.  Spent a nice afternoon in the pub with friends in front of a roaring fire yesterday, while William was at the karate club Christmas party.  Today is quiet (12.30 pm and Will is in my bed with Spongebob Squarepants on TV and his book (think he must take after his mum!). 

I’ve been doing some housework and thinking about starting to pack for Christmas.  We’re off to my parents’ on Christmas Eve, very much looking forward to it.  Shortest day today – can’t believe only three more days before Christmas!


One thought on “Instead of Sunday Car Booty

  1. Great finds! I went into a thrift shop recently looking for a specific object…didn’t have a lot of hope…but I found TWO! I was so excited.

    Can you believe Christmas is upon us? Yikes!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with the family.

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