Back Home Again

We arrived home from my parents’ this afternoon, and have had a lovely Christmas – I do love spending Christmas in my childhood home – there’s just something so nice about it.  Have eaten and drunk too much as usual, and am feeling very lazy and slothful.  Looking forward to a few more similar days to be spent at home, enjoying my presents (already well stuck into the boxset of 24 Season 7 (go Jack Bauer!).

I’ve spent some times over the last few days ruminating on the end of 2009 and the start of 2010, and thinking about plans for the year ahead, New Year challenges, goals and resolutions, and also about my blog. 

My brother commented to me over Christmas that he’s been disappointed in my blog recently and that I haven’t been putting in much effort.  Cheeky bugger.  Having considered it further, though, he’s right – for the last month or so, I’ve struggled  bit with what to write about, and I’ve felt that some of my posts have been boring.  So I think I have a plan to (hopefully) make my posts more interesting, and give me some inspiration as to what to write about – but I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.

So, I wanted to post some photos of some of the lovely presents I received for Christmas – I’ve been a very lucky girl indeed.

Mmmm, 4 gorgeous Jo Malone candles

And continuing the Jo Malone theme, the Skincare Starter Set, which I’ve been wanting for ages – can’t wait to try it out.  I do love the packaging, too (and the carrier bags always sell well on Ebay!)

Fabulous marquise cut diamond earrings from my lovely hubby

The Shopaholic’s Top 1000 Websites – great book, which I’m sure will come in very useful over the course of the coming year!

And lots more lovely books.

Per Una dressing gown and slippers, which I’m wearing as I type this.

Really unusual silver earrings.

And tickets to the Magic Circle Theatre in London, which both my parents, and my brother and SIL have been to, and loved.

Wasn’t I a lucky girl?


9 thoughts on “Back Home Again

    • I only like watching Jack on the boxset DVD, so I can watch it back to back – I’m not good at waiting a week for the next episode. Have watched it like this since the first series, so it’s a bit of tradition for me.

  1. A very lucky girl I’d say!
    Lovely silver ear-rings. I love getting jewellery.
    Hope you enjoy the remainder of 2009 and all best wishes for 2010,
    Lisa x

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