Journal Jar Question 92: If You Won The Lottery, What Would Be The First Three Things You’d Change In Your Life?

Mmmmm, an interesting question.  Obviously, it depends on whether I won a tenner or several million, but assuming it’s the latter …..

1.  An easy one this: we’d buy a plot of land and build our dream house.

2. I’d probably go on more holidays.  I know, I know, I go on an awful lot of holidays already, but there are so many places I still want to go to – I’d love to take William on a safari holiday; I’d really like to go to Vietnam and Cambodia; a shopping spree in New York – I ‘ve never been; and a couple of days in Las Vegas – never been there either.  Not to mention Disneyland Paris.

3.  Do you know, I can’t actually think of anything else I’d want to change about my life – I rather like it the way it is to be honest.  I don’t think I’d give up my jobs, I’d still go to charity shops and car boot sales, I’d still do my eBaying.    I might do my supermarket shopping at Waitrose rather than Asda and Tesco! 

4. I know I’m cheating, and there shouldn’t be a number 4, and also this one isn’t something that would change my life, so it’s doubly against the rules of the question (hey, that’s just the kind of girl I am!).  I would pay off my brother’s mortgage.

Right, I must go and make lunch – school is still closed so Will’s still at home.  On the plus side, the Sky Engineer managed to get here this morning, so perhaps Will and I can spend the afternoon watching the shopping channels, which until now had been mashed up and unwatchable!


6 thoughts on “Journal Jar Question 92: If You Won The Lottery, What Would Be The First Three Things You’d Change In Your Life?

  1. I think you know you are doing well if you wouldn’t change your life that much despite a lottery win! I think it would be much the same for me too – I’d spend a chunk on a gorgeous home.

  2. Hmmm, this is a great one to ponder. I’ve always said that if I won big, I’d hire my own highly-skilled phlebotomist…it’s SO hard to get blood out of me for testing, and I HATE having to be poked and prodded…{{{shiver!}}}

    I would also dearly love to have a personal shopper…for groceries…HATE going to the market.

    I would let my husband retire, and I’d buy him a new tractor. I’m perfectly happy with my home, but I would like to build a deck out back, and I wouldn’t be unhappy with building a garage…maybe a new barn.

    Unfortunately, it’s very hard to win the lottery when you never remember to buy a ticket! 🙂

  3. Oh! A question on another blog reminded me that I also would like someone to starch, iron, and change my bed linens daily! If I win the lottery, of course.

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