All Change – And Friday Shopping Spot

So – a change in the appearance of my blog.  What do you think?  I was really fed up with the large white empty spaces down each side, and unlike Blogger, WordPress doesn’t lend itself to much customisation of the appearance of your blog, so my hands were somewhat tied.  Anyway, I hadn’t changed the look of it at all since moving to WordPress in May last year, so I thought it was about time.  

Moving on, it’s been a while since I did a Friday Shopping Spot, but I have been saving some pictures of things I’ve bought for this very occasion!  Don’t worry, I haven’t failed in my January goal of not buying myself anything – these are things purchased prior to this month!

First is this 2010 Calendar I bought from M&S (half price, I might add, only £3.50!).  It’s very pink and girly, and I’m finding it so useful having a calendar hanging in the office again, after only having used a diary for the last two years.  I’m now using a combination of the two, and that seems to be working well.

And secondly and lastly for today, this gorgeous Chanel-esque handbag I picked up in Primark while we were in Exeter last month, for an absolutely rock bottom £6!  I haven’t yet had occasion to use it: it will have to be an evening bag as it’s far too small to hold all the stuff I carry around all day every day, but I do L-O-V-E it.

The temp remains well below freezing down here, with more snow forecast for the weekend.  Brrrrrrr!!  Keep warm, everybody, and have a lovely weekend x


8 thoughts on “All Change – And Friday Shopping Spot

  1. I do like the new layout, it looks really sophisticated. I ought to do something to tickle my blog up a bit – perhaps a little project for next week if I’m still snowbound.

  2. The new look is great. I often wonder if I ought to update mine but I’ve got kind of used to it, like a pair of comfy slippers! Like the calendar and bag too 🙂

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