I Blame Kat …

… from The Book It List, for my total failure to stick to my goal of not buying myself anything in January.  Let me explain further – Kat mentioned a while ago on Twitter that she had a new grey nail polish.  Somehow this took my fancy, and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

 So, on one of the few occasions when I’ve braved the snow and ice to leave the house in the past week, I went to Asda to get bread and milk, and found myself buying a perfect matte dove grey nail polish (only £1.50). 

 This seemed to open the floodgates, and yesterday whilst in Sainsburys, I found myself buying a pair of grey leggings (cold weather, needed them to go under skirts and jeans blah blah). 

 Then last night, I bought a pair of boots online from Aldo (just gone into the sale, and I’d had my eye on them for ages, AND the pretend leather on my current black boots is starting to crease and peel off – nice). 

 As I type this, it is once again snowing outside, today’s car boot sale has been cancelled, and yet another long day of being housebound stretches in front of us.  God only knows what else I’ll have bought by tonight!


5 thoughts on “I Blame Kat …

  1. I so get the floodgate thing. Mind you this icebound snow bound existence is helping me not see things I want to buy. although I am perusing ebay and I did buy a thomas the tank engine train….oops (my shopping habit being excused because obviously it is not for me….)
    Have you read The Girl with the Dagon Tatoo? Hub has just read it. says it is amazing.

  2. It must be something in the air, I was shopping yesterday in my local Mercadona supermarket and bought a dark blue nail varnish which I am currently only wearing on my thumb. Just haven´t got around to the rest.

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