Friday Shopping Spot

Friday again already – and the first ‘normal’ week since Christmas has been quite a nice one for me – busy, but good.   I’ve got lots done this week, mostly boring paperwork stuff, and housework type stuff, plus a bit of decluttering and sorting, but I do feel as if I’ve achieved something.

I’m off to Tesco shortly, then meeting a friend at Costa for a coffee, then a quick trip into town to take back a necklace I bought which was broken when I took it out of the bag, and to go the Post Office.  I’m going to cook some Thai food tonight, two new recipes, so fingers crossed they’ll go OK – I love the flavours of Thai food, all that chilli and lemongrass and coriander – mmmmmmmm!

Anyway, just a couple of shopping pics this week:

Firstly, this lovely red Evans blouse I picked up from a charity shop for £2.50 a week or so ago – was very pleased with it, particularly as it’s brand new with its tag still attached.

And a necklace, picked up in the sales earlier this week, only £3.  I really liked the beads, they’re very tactile.

And last but not least, I’ve been wanting to read this India Knight book about shopping (coals to Newcastle, I know, I know!) for ages, and picked it up at a car boot sale a while back for only 50p.  Haven’t yet had a chance to read it, as I have such a big pile of books to be read, but am looking forward to getting round to it.

Finally, on a very disappointing shopping note, the lovely boots I ordered from Aldo arrived yesterday.  They are even better than they looked in the pic.  And I can’t get the buggers on!  They fit fine once they’re on, but they’re pull on, rather than having a zip, and I have a really high instep, so struggle with getting them on.  It took me 10 mins to get into them, and they were lovely on, but they’ll just have to go back, I’m afraid.  Gutted!


5 thoughts on “Friday Shopping Spot

  1. I’ve got that book which I’m sure you’ll like and find very useful. I’ve just bought one which is an A-Z guide to perfumes (yes, all of them). It’s fascinating and will come in useful when I’m wanting to try a different scent.

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