Sunday Car Booty

It’s a gorgeous sunny morning here in South Devon – just lovely – and I was up and out bright (or quite dark actually) and early at the car boot.  Fairly slim pickings, I have to say, but unsurprising really, at at this time of year.

So, without further ado, today’s haul:

  • Travel magnetic Dingbats game, 30p to sell
  • Fabulous brand new with £45 price tag Next gladiator style heels, £1.50!!!
  • Stripy scarf – very probably for me, I do rather like it, 50p.

  • Primark dotty wedges, almost new, £1
  • Next sequinny butterfly shoes, need a good clean up, 50p
  • Clarks little boy’s shoes, also need a good clean up, 50p

  • Brand new Bratz Kidz dolly and clothes giftset, £2 to sell (or maybe a good birthday present for my niece!)

Ashley is off to Sussex to the hotel for a few days later on today, so the rest of today will be fairly quiet, I expect.  William has karate this afternoon, so I’ll be taking him there around 4 ish.  Might make a big pot of soup, bacon and lentil maybe, later on today, and have two more episodes of Gossip Girl to watch on the latest disc from Lovefilm. 

We watched St Trinian’s (also from Lovefilm) last night – very funny, although quite over the top for a 12 certificate, I thought – there were several occasions when William asked what something meant, and we had to lie (!)

The new sensors for the hot tub have finally arrived from the States, and Ashley fitted them yesterday.  Fingers crossed, the hot tub is finally operational once again, and Ashley and William are outside in it at the moment.  I might go and join them now. 

Have a lovely Sunday, everybody.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Well done you getting the early bargains and enjoying a bit of sunshine too. Still icy here, we are just starting to replace the broken gutters and the thought of removing my many layers of clothes to get into a hot tub makes me shiver.

  2. You wouldn’t catch me outside in a hot tub right this minute – it’s still freezing here, although today was sunny and lovely. With the birds singing you could ALMOST imagine Spring was on the way….!!

  3. I went to our nearest one this morning as it was dry and sunny but it was a waste of time …. just a load of old tat. Roll on Easter when the serious stuff starts x

  4. Definitely keep the scarf, it lokks snuggly.
    We watched St Trinians last weekend. Mainly for Russell Brand, though I did like the Mr Darcy bit Colin Firth did!
    Thank you for your kind words concerning Tilly.
    Lisa x

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