Sunday Car Booty

Cold again this morning, and lots of buyers pushing and shoving – not my kind of car boot at all!  Still, I think it was worth it – here’s today’s purchases:

First up, a whole bunch of kids clothes from Monsoon & Mini Boden – £1 per item, apart from small boy’s t shirt which was 20p.  All to sell.

3 tubs of Lush creams (various different).  I’m keeping the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter (how cute is that name?!), and selling the other two.  Paid £1 each.

2 pairs of shoes – brand new black ones from New Look, £1, to sell, and very lightly used red ones wide fit by Hush Puppies, 50p to sell.

Handbags: red River Island with charm, £1.50, and black (rather plasticky) one from Next £1.  Both to sell.

Gorgeous cocktail dress from Monsoon, I paid £4.  And it’s my size.  But I’m not sure about brown.  So it’ll probably be sold.  Perfect condition, but needs a good airing.

And last but not least, a Cath Kidston toiletries gift set, brand new, £4.  More than I’d normally pay, but Cath Kidston stuff is SOOOOO  popular (not my cup of tea, but even so), that I thought this was well worth it.  It’ll be stored away to be sold before next Christmas, when it will hopefully make me a healthy profit!  And now, because I know how many avid Cath fans there are out there, a close-up of the contents for you:

And that is all for today, folks!  The sun has just come out, and I need to go and make my second cuppa and make some plans for Sunday.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Wonderful finds – as always. I should imagine the Cath Kidston set will make you a whopping profit next Christmas – she sure is mighty popular. Love the Monsoon dress – think I’d hold on to that for a while as it’s your size.

  2. I do like to see what you manage to buy at the car booty!
    My sister is (hopefully) moving to her own home in a few weeks and needs to curb the spending, but she does have a good eye for a bargain. I suggested she try and concentrate on buying things she can sell on, she still gets to buy and hopefully will make a bit of money which I suggested she could then use towards buying Christmas presents.

  3. I too think the Monsoon dress is lovely and I really like the colour. I’ve never been to a car boot sale but I imagine if I got all the bargains you did I wouldn’t be able to part with them, especially the toiletries.

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