On Bras & Books

Oooh, I’m in need of a rest from the computer:  I’ve spent the whole morning doing some work for Ashley, which has involved collating a whole load of photgraphs from various laptops, dongles, memory cards, cameras, and computers in his office, sorting them, deleting repeats, and refiling them all in a more useable fashion.  I’ve just finished, and am nearly cross-eyed.  He is paying me a good hourly rate, though, so that’s OK!

While I was away in London, I completed one of my 101 tasks, which was to get professionally measured for a bra.  I discovered I was wearing the wrong size (though not too far away from what it should have been), and bought a couple of new, properly fitted bras.  Interestingly, the two I bought are different cup sizes, which just goes to show that you really need to try on bras before buying them, so I shall definitely be doing that in future.

Last week, one of my ‘Edits’ in Edit, Add, Appreciate, was to clear out my bookcase, which was out of control.  So I pulled all the books out  – look:

I then sorted some for the charity shop, some to go on Read It Swap It, and put the rest back in, in a more orderly fashion.  Then I realised, I have four shelf-fuls of books to read.  I must must MUST stop getting any more books for a while. 

Look, this is how many I haven’t yet read:

So, I’ve set myself a little challenge, to see if I can get through the whole top shelf by the end of March.  I’ll be surprised if I can (and if I do, you can bet the housework will have taken a back seat!!!)


2 thoughts on “On Bras & Books

  1. I can’t resist buying new books, either. But you’re right, a good clearout every now and again helps. (I never remember what I’ve bought or read so have two copies of some!).

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