Too Much To Do Tuesday

Things I’ve done so far today:

1.  Taken part in a telephone survey for Ebay about what their customers think (and got paid for it!).  Enjoyed the opportunity to air my views!

2. Had a  lengthy “discussion” with Philips on the phone about my Sonicare toothbrush.  Long story short, have had four of these toothbrushes over period of just over two years, each has gone wrong with same fault within a max of 9 months.  The latest one, sent to me by Philips as a replacement last June, has just stopped working with same fault.  Philips now refusing to do anything as warranty period of ORIGINALLY purchased toothbrush is up.  There are many review out there on t’web talking about this fault, obviously some sort of design error.  And the toothbrushes cost £200 to buy (got mine cheap off a dentist friend, £40, who had some as samples, would rather spend £200 on handbag than toothbrush, obvs!!).  Really really poor customer service, Philips, shame on you.  DON’T BUY A PHILIPS SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH, ANYBODY! 

3. Returned books to library.

4. Paid money into bank.

5. Picked up bargainacious black leather knee high boots from Evans (only £30) to replace my falling apart non-leather ones.

6.  Done a load of washing which is now drying draped all over the house.

7. Sent several work related emails.

8. Listed four things on Ebay.

9.  Cancelled a credit card, which gave up paying cashback on purchases – have replaced with with two others than do pay cashback.

Things I’ve still got to do today:

1. Pick Will up from school.

2. Take Will to karate.

3. Dust and hoover my bedroom.

4. Clear out bathroom cabinet, am fed up of things dropping out every time I open it!

5. Cook dinner.

6. Type up a set of minutes from a meeting I went to last night.


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