January Goals – How Did I Get On?

Can’t believe the end of the month is here already!  And we woke up this morning to sunshine and a light sprinkling of snow.  It feels as though the winter has gone on forever, I am definitely ready for spring to join us now!

Anyway, with the new month starting on Monday, what better time than to go over my goals for January, and tell you how I got on:

  •  Lose 10 lbs – Yay, success!  I have lost just a smidgen over 10 lbs, and am pleased.  Long way still to go though.
  • Overhaul my 101 list – Done, new list can be found here
  • Pick up my knitting again – it’s been languishing in the back of a cupboard since October – I found some bluey green eyelash yarn that I bought aeons ago, and have starting knitting a scarf with that.  Will post a pic when it’s complete.
  • Give the whole house a thorough post-Christmas clean – Yes (ish).  Except the kitchen, which really needs doing.  God, I hate cleaning the kitchen.
  • Don’t buy myself anything for the whole month of Jan (other than during my trip to London with Mum later this month) – Hopeless, totally failed.  But everything I bought was either reduced or from a charity shop – does that count?
  • Give my blog a new look – I’m a bit bored with it as it is at the moment – yes, done.  And I do like my new look.  A change is as good as a rest, as they say.
  • Overhaul household finances/bills and see if I can save money anywhere – have done some work on this, but more to be done.  Need to look at savings and cash ISAs to make sure I’m getting the best deals.  Spent some time last night looking into electric and gas (had been waiting for bill to arrive before doing this), and am going to swap to a dual fuel rate, as uSwitch reckons I can save over £200 per year. 

So, overall a success, I think.   Now I need to start thinking about some goals for February.


7 thoughts on “January Goals – How Did I Get On?

  1. Well done on your Janaury goals – that’s an impressive amount you’ve achieved.

    I’m so with you on how long this winter is lasting – is it really only the end of January, feels like it should be at least mid-March!! Roll on spring.

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