Journal Jar Q27. Did You Have a Favourite TV or Radio Programme as a Child?

When I was very young, TV didn’t start until lunchtime, even later on BBC2, I think, and the only thing being broadcast in the morning was this …

Anybody remember her?

Anyway, my favourite programmes as a very little girl were Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men (and Weeeeeeed!), and The Clangers, both of which I can remember watching very clearly.  Also used to watch Andy Pandy, Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Chigley.

As I got a bit older, I loved Blue Peter (can’t believe it’s still going strong after all these years – must make a point of watching it sometime).  Also Grange Hill, which was really quite exciting TV at the time – very edgy and a bit subversive.

The other thing I must mention is the original children’s Saturday morning TV – Noel Edmond’s Multi-Coloured Swap Shop.  I remember being so excited about the first episode, I could hardly wait for it to start.  The phone-in number (01 811 8055) is embedded in my memory forever!

* * *

And now, changing the subject completely, here are a couple of pics from yesterday’s and today’s walks.

Pigeon sitting on the top of a post, captured in the sunlight.  No idea what all the random pink bits are.

View along the lane I was walking – dark, damp and not very exciting – a perfect representation of this morning’s walk, in fact.


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