Complaint Letter to Philips

Can’t remember if I mentioned my sonic toothbrush which broke last week.  Anyway, here’s a copy of my complaint letter to Philips, which will tell you all about it.  The moral of this story is NEVER spend your hard earned cash on anything made by Philips.

Dear Philips

 Please find enclosed the Philips Sonicare toothbrush you sent me subsequent to my complaint in May 2009, to replace the previous one I had, which had stopped working, subsequent to my complaint..  Sadly, this one too has stopped working. 

 This is the fourth toothbrush I have had over a period of just over two years.   The first and second ones, which stopped working after five and seven months respectively, were replaced by the shop where I purchased the original one. The third one, which again broke after a matter of months, was replaced by you with this fourth one which is now broken. 

 Although I’ve telephoned your “Customer Service” department, your company is, apparently, not prepared to take responsibility for this toothbrush which retails for the best part of £200, and has stopped working after seven months.

 I don’t think this is acceptable.  Not that I want another toothbrush, as I don’t imagine a fifth one will last any longer than the previous four.  So please have this one back with my compliments, as it’s no use to me.

 I can’t decide whether I’m more appalled by your company’s customer service, or by the shoddy goods you think it’s acceptable to sell.

 Yours faithfully


PS I’m posting a copy of this letter on my blog,, which gets around 2,500 hits a month.


13 thoughts on “Complaint Letter to Philips

  1. Can’t believe you’ve had 4 in 2 years! That’s insane! I really think you are entitled to your money back, are they really refusing to refund you?

    • Hi Kat – they are claiming that the guarantee has run out, because it runs for two years from when I purchased the ORIGINAL toothbrush, and it is now two years, three months. Outrageous!

  2. Good for you – and even better that you’ve put the letter on here too. I’m surprised at Philips, I’d have thought better of them. It’ll certainly make me think twice about buying a Philips product in future.

  3. We had one the same that stopped working after the guarantee ran out. Philips couldn’t tell us whether we needed a new battery charger or a new handle and suggested we buy both at about £60 plus delivery. We bought a different, much cheaper sonic toothbrush, at least if this one breaks down it won’t have cost hundreds of pounds. Customer service doesn’t seem to exist anymore, but at least we can voice our complaints on the net, good for you.

    • I’ve read a lot of reviews on the net from people having exactly the same problem, obviously it’s some sort of manufacturing defect. I’ll let you know what response I get to my letter.

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  6. I work for customer services philips, from being behind the desk i can tell you philips is awful, many dentist recommend sonicare, but it is a sub standard product. we do not work for directly for philips, we are outsourced. Just go buy braun, much better its what i have!

  7. I am in war with Philips for a month and half now to replace my Sonicare and they just wouldn’t send it. They find excuses all the time and I have been calling every other day.
    I can honestly say I have never experienced such a disgusting Customer Service in my life.
    Everyone is praising Sonicare but no one is praising the service.
    I will never buy Philips ever again and I regret buying this now.
    Not to mention they are sending £250 item without recording delivery (?!). It is outrageous.

  8. My 3rd in 4 years just failed… I will never buy Philips again. I bought a cheaper brush about £50 and it failed after less than a year. Then stupidly I bought an expensive sonicare which failed after just under 2 years which they replaced but then if failed again after less than a year which to my surprise they replaced again. This time it failed and I had to navigate their stupid site to find support which I did chat now and got blown off. I am looking for a complaints address now as the email option doesnt work. Anyway, NEVER buy Philips is my advice. The fails on my brushes occurred more than once each so I would think they know about these defects and know they probably will fail after warranty expires so aren’t bothered by it. Shody workmanship and morales from this company… FYI, my brushes failed as follows: 1) constantly turned itself on. 2) Power failed to transfer to head 3) constantly turned itself on. 4) Power failed to transfer to head.

  9. Did you ever get a reply from Philips? I just went thru round 2 with customer service and didn’t get anywhere. I am looking for the address to write a letter. I just wanted a replacement.

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